Artists have vision.  A good website design should support that vision.  At ChangeBracket, the design process centers around conversations between you and us –  so that we understand your vision and build on it.  Through this process, we typically experiment with different visual approaches and design features, arriving at the final product a little bit at a time.  From the start, the design process centers on how a site looks and operates across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.


Every website needs a home. See pricing.

Content Management

At its best, a website is a living, breathing document that continues to evolve through new content and user feedback.  Here, we can assist as much as you want us to, either helping you take control, or by providing direct content management support. See pricing.

Interactivity & Social Media

A website is like your local gallery or museum, featuring polished content with no distractions – and social media is the vehicle that brings people to your gallery. ChangeBracket can facilitate this interaction by helping you link platforms and use your existing social media presence to invite visitors and spread the word.


Not every website needs eCommerce.  But for some individuals and non-profits, online sales or donations can be an important revenue stream.  If desired, ChangeBracket can help, either by incorporating simple eCommerce features, or by creating a full-fledged store.

Search Engine Performance

Artistic websites tend to be heavy on images and light on text, which makes site-ranking more challenging.  ChangeBracket understands how to design and manage content to maximize rankings on image-heavy sites.

Website Monitoring

For some sites, monitoring traffic can help measure the success of sales/donation campaigns or simply show which pages and images are most popular.  If desired, we can help you establish and use site analytics.


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