Vicki Glembocki is an award-winning journalist, essayist, author, and editorial consultant who has worked for small nonprofit publications, national magazines with 10.5 million subscribers, and everything in between.  Her website centers around this variety, creating pages to highlight magazine articles, sell her books, and promote her consulting and speaking.  An additional design feature involved creating a post-category system to be able to quickly create and rearrange content.

Christie Allan-Piper is a Boston-area visual artist with a very large body of work.  Her site is mostly dedicated to beautifully and simply cataloging her paintings, illustrations, and short films.

My Meditation Box

My Meditation Box was built from the ground-up as an eCommerce site with social media integration.  Aesthetically, the goal was to have clean, simple pages, an easy-to-navigate interface, and an intuitive menu structure.  Because of the eCommerce focus, analytics and search engine optimization were important facets of back-end functionality.

Ridgefield Farm

Ridgefield Farm & Orchard’s website needed to be highly active.  A WordPress theme was chosen with customizable tiles for the home page.  This allowed for important content to be prioritized, while being fully responsive and maintaining a highly photographic appearance.  The site also has a small eCommerce element, full Google Analytics tracking, and is search-engine optimized.

Built for Boston area artist, ties visual themes across musical and written domains. Because music was central to the artist’s expression, a WordPress theme with built-in audio capabilities was chosen. Also, for this site, the artist worked closely with ChangeBracket to develop visual themes to reflect the inspiration and emotion behind the music – generating most of the images and collages herself.

Men Skating Website features a highly visual figure skating website with a simple menu structure and precise layout themes.  It incorporates nearly 300 distinct photographs, graciously provided by Kim Zaruba.  A key design element is that most pages are accessed through image-blocks, simplifying the website structure while keeping the interactivity close to the senses.  The site also incorporates animated image overlays, video, and a number of photo galleries.  Built on a WordPress platform, the site incorporates deliberate elements for search engine optimization and traffic monitoring.


The Next Ice Age Website

The Next Ice Age is a nonprofit organization dedicated to presenting figure skating as a form of dance. The site, designed for easy content management and interactivity, serves many purposes for the organization. It works in parallel with the facebook page and twitter feed, coordinating newsletters, posts, and tweets. It has two distinct eCommerce elements: a booking page for classes and events, and a donations page. It also has a password-protected administrator area that allows board members and volunteers to coordinate and share information.

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